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How do you build a website

If your a Small Business owner or an Individual just starting out on the web, then this tutorial is for you.

Follow along and build yourself a website, with helpful real life examples & tooling.

Our aim is to put you on the right footing to start your website building journey.

The only cost is your time but you will need a web browser & Free GitHub account to follow along.

About Jasmine Web Starter

Jasmine Web Starter contains a HTML & CSS template with a step by step tutorial which allows you to build your first website by updating content within the HTML file, this is styled by the CSS to give you a modern fresh page layout.

The tutorial will then show you how to deploy your site to GitHub Pages, that will host your website.

All this can be carried out within your browser. So nothing to install but you do need a free GitHub account and internet connection to follow along.

We designed it specifically for those with little or no experience of coding & website design, but it is also ideal for the more experienced who just need to make a simply styled webpage in a hurry.

We plan to release extra tutorials to add more features into your website over time and in small clear steps.

If you would like to read more about JasmineWS and its authors take a look at the about us page.

Jasmine Web Starter Templates


Jasmine Web Starter One Column Layout

JWS One template provides you with a preset one column layout controlled using modern CSS properties.

Start building your website - JWS One details


Jasmine Web Starter Two Column Layout

JWS Two template provides you with a preset two column layout controlled using modern CSS properties.

Start building your website- JWS Two details

About the JWS Templates

These templates allow you to add your words and images into the html page to make it your own.

With no experience necessary, we will guide you along the way to build the website.

Both of these templates offer support for light and dark mode.

These templates are designed to promote an event, as a great starter website to talk about yourself or product or just a home for links to other sites you use.

Maybe you can see another use, if so great build away.

How to use these templates

GitHub.dev web editor

We have a step by step tutorial of how to transform these templates into your first website with nothing more than a web browser and your GitHub account.

You will be able to follow along using a Chromebook, Microsoft Windows or macOS machine.

We plan to release a series of extra tutorials to add more features into your website and to show you other ways to work with your Git repository.

Plus lots more, take a read of our roadmap for an idea of the extra topics.

How to deploy these templates

We have a step by step guide to help you setup GitHub Pages to host your website.

We are going to release tutorials for deploying onto other hosting options which allow commercial use and show you how to link your domain to your website.

We have an outline of the Hosting Services we are going to cover in our roadmap.

Why have we used GitHub as a base for this project

GitHub = Repository + Editor/Preview + Hosting

Over 100 million developers from around the world are using GitHub today, committing code, contributing documentation, and building new solutions to solve problems on a global level.

Which is why for some time we have been wanting to provide Business Owners and Students a place to learn how to build or update a website, showing the steps needed and explaining which part does what.

Whilst also showing how to work with GitHub repositories. The repository is an ideal home for the project as it offers version control, a back up and you can deploy from it as well.

With the launch of GitHub Web Editor (github.dev editor) came a lower barrier of entry to getting started with the introduction to working in the browser. Simplifying the process of making changes to your files and starting to work with GIT for version control on GitHub.

Before this we would have had to cover installing software on your machine and the setup steps needed. This all changed thanks to the great workflow offered now in the browser with the release of Visual Studio Code for the web (github.dev & vscode.dev)

Which is why we think it's a great skill to learn whether you are just starting out building things or wanting to grow your knowledge base with something new.